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Ask your customers with a video

The Swedish startup Panelista lets you skip the boring surveys and time-consuming interviews and gives you the opportunity to ask a personal video question instead. Get fast high-quality feedback and ask follow-up questions whenever you want.

Make it easy to engage

The challenge was to create a flow of qualitative feedback with low effort. To offer respondents super easy interaction and give them the choice to become a panelist or just leave feedback.

We introduced Touchpoints

The solution resulted in a service we call “Touchpoints”. A touchpoint can either be a button, link, or a QR code that contains a video question you can place wherever you want and collect high-quality feedback from the right moments. You’ll get a feed of answers and can ask follow-up questions whenever you want.

Design it for all cases

Making the touchpoint visually flexible was an important consideration. We developed a clean base with a customizable interface to make sure that the touchpoint would fit in – regardless of the environment and how their brand guidelines look like.

Invite your team to the panel

By having multiple Touchpoints, collaboration is key to creating results fast. Therefore we also created a new feed page with the ability to invite other team members to engage with the feedback and gain instant insights.

Thank you!

Special thanks for the amazing people involved in this project

Product Owner

Anders Palm

Head of Design

Sam Alfaro

Product Designer

Jan Bacik

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