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Health Jar



Health Jar

Health Jar helps keep track of your health and it keeps you accountable. The service tracks your workout schedule and “punishes” you for skipping your workout, making a donation to a charity of your choice.

The service tracks your goal completion and if you don’t succeed, it donates your money for you.

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The service has no analogues, so we independently developed the entire logic of interaction between the users and the application. The app had to be easy to understand, user-friendly and inspiring. The client has nurtured the idea for years and had a vision of a bright, dynamic design.

Our approach

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Logo & Identity

Health Jar helps you keep track of your health and, at the same time, do charity. Health Jar is a reference to a glass jar of the American family's piggy bank. The icon represents a jar where you put your change as a donation to a foundation, or a heart as a workout. Therefore you help either a charity or yourself. ‍

User Experience

The app had to be very simple to understand and we did it. It's extremely easy for users to understand: you can compare your workout results the entire week and see if you have reached your goals.

Design & Colors

The main functionality of the app is very clear: for you to track your workout schedule and to send money to a charity when you skip one.


A key component for every app on the oversaturated market is the user engagement. You want your users to keep coming back to your app and continue using it. We came up with a simple gamification strategy that would make the app useful and fun. You get achievements for completing goals and for your donations as well. This is an additional motivation to keep using the service.
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