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Apollo Biomedical Solutions

Apollo is a biotech wholesale company that distributes COVID-19 tests, PPE and other various types of testing.

Apollo is a Veteran-owned small business that leverages their expertise in biomedical sciences, medical supply chain, and logistics to bring high-quality solutions to the market in times of need, rapidly and honestly.

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We created a simple environment for attracting new customers and keeping the old ones, making it easy for the users to compare and order various diagnostics and equipment.

The fast-changing market requires lots of product changes over the time, so we developed a CMS that would let the Apollo team update the wholesale positions independently on the go, without getting the development team involved every single time.

Our approach

We conducted the brand audit and learned everything about our client’s business specifics. We found out how they choose suppliers and what they pay attention to in sourcing the best products on the market. We then created a full brand identity and developed the website and a CMS for fast independent data entry.
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Brand Audit

We conducted a brand audit and got to know the client. Found out how they choose their vendors and what are the main factors they pay attention to when choosing the tests they sell. We then conducted a deep competitive research based on the target consumer: schools, institutions, governments etc.


Based on the brand audit, market research and the brand pillars, we came up with a sharp and brand reflecting design that would speak to the target customer.

Web Development

We built a fast loading, dynamic website with beautiful animations that catch the eye and carry on the vibe of the brand - fast, vibrant, modern and reliable.


We live in a world of a constant change, especially when it comes to the new challenges the humanity is facing. Given that the client's products is dynamic and they always choose the best products on the market, they needed an opportunity to be able to update their inventory often at no additional cost. We developed an Admin Panel that would let them make changes to the website and product listings on the go, without any help on our end.
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